Make Breakfast Ahead & Skip the Drive-thru

Has the local drive-thru become a part of your morning routine, akin to brushing your teeth? I urge you to consider the following: If you go through the Tim Horton's drive-through every morning for a Bagel BELT and medium cappuccino, you are consuming 660 calories and 1290 mg of sodium just in that one meal. NOTE: recommended daily maximum sodium intake for adults in 1500 mg, which is a target you're pretty much bound to overshoot with this kind of start to your day. If you grab this breakfast every day for a year...I had to do the calculations 3x because I couldn't believe the number...that alone adds up to 69 lbs (31kg) in a year! Now you might say "that's not right because I still need to

Happy Nutrition Month!

March is the most favourite month of most dietitians, including myself, as we work extra hard to promote good nutrition across the nation. With healthy eating being such a broad topic, each year the Nutrition Month campaign has a specific focus to make health messages less overwhelming. This year the spotlight is on "Eating 9 to 5", recognizing the challenges of eating around a busy work schedule. This is a great topic, as many people may know the basic principles of good nutrition, but often have trouble fitting it into their busy lives. To celebrate, I'll be discussing common healthy eating challenges and posting tips this month on how to eat better despite a busy schedule. So, lets get st

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