No time to come into a dietitian's office?
Are you always on the move? 
Do you find it hard to make good food choices?
Anna is your mobile food expert, helping you make good choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle ON THE GO

How Can

Anna Help? 

Anna is a supportive, enthusiastic, and creative dietitian that is committed to helping her clients reach nutrition goals and attain optimal health. She loves finding evidence-based answers to nutrition questions. Helping people have the quality of life they desire is her aim. Together, you and Anna will set incremental goals to help reach your target health outcomes. Using a lifestyle management approach, she helps individuals develop skills and healthy habits that are sustainable for life, allowing for maintenance of optimal health for years to come.


Through use of the latest communication technologies, Anna connects with her clients at the times and places they need her most — through phone, e-mail, and video chat. This will enable you to bring a registered dietitian into your home, allowing for counselling to take place in a comfortable environment and without the need to travel for appointments. If you have an internet or telephone connection, you can connect with Anna. 

Anna is bilingual and provides nutritional counselling in both English and Russian

I have a medical condition.

Can Anna still help me?

Many of today's top health issues can be addressed with proper nutrition. Changing your diet can prevent, manage, and even cure certain diseases. Anna can help you with a variety of health issues, including but not limited to:


• Weight loss or weight gain

• High cholesterol

• High blood pressure

• Heart disease

• Constipation


• Gout

• Gluten intolerance or allergy

• Emotional eating

• Diabetes

• Deficiencies—ex: B12, Calcium, Iron

• Bone health—osteoporosis, osteopenia, rickets

• Pediatric nutrition—appropriate foods for age, failure to thrive, picky eating, etc.


Is your condition not listed? Anna can probably still help. Just ask her:


And start your journey to good health TODAY

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