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Do you have additional health benefits?
A receipt will be provided with each service for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

1 month plan


Making the decision to commit yourself to change is the first and most important step toward better health. This plan is ideal for building the initial confidence to get you started and for those who only needing to make a few changes to their lifestyle. 


Recommended for: healthy eating, constipation, GERD, Gout, nutrient deficiency, newly diagnosed allergy/intollerance, weight gain, ~5lb weight loss.


Includes: Initial assessment 

+food journal review & comments
+1 follow-up session 


/// $195/month

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1 month plan


3 month plan

3 month plan


Better health takes dedication of both mind and body. This plan will help you identify and change those habits that you may not have realized as being detrimental to your health. Balanced meals, balanced body, and balanced mind will follow. Dedicate the next great decision to your health and start on this plan today to see the great things you can do.


Recommended for: blood pressure management, cholesterol lowering, pre-diabetes and diabetes management, arthritis, gluten intolerance/allergy, 10-15lb weight loss.


Includes: Initial assessment 

+food journal review & comments

+customized meal plan
+6 follow-up session 

/// $185/month


6 month plan

6 month plan


The greatest of successes and longest lasting changes require the most perseverance. If you're ready to make big changes by taking small steps, this is the plan for you. We will work together to keep you on track every step of the way, helping you to overcome any progress plateaus and emerge victoriously with the healthy lifestyle changes you will be able to sustain for life.


Recommended for: emotional eating, blood pressure management, FODMAP, diabetes management, 15lb+ weight loss.


Includes: Initial assessment 

+food journal review & comments

+2 customized meal plans
(month 1 and month 3)

+12 follow-up session 

/// $165/month

Individual Services


For those who just need a quick check-in or want to try our services before making a longer commitment, each component can also be purchased seperately

A La Carte

Initial Assessment


​During the initial assessment, we will review in depth your personal medical history, social history, life circumstances, and goals in order to make the most appropriate recommendations to reach them. This will take approximately 1.5 hours.   



​After initial assessment, each follow-up will make sure you're keeping on track with

your goals and making progress. Follow-up are 15-30 minutes each.

Customized Meal Plan


​A personalized 5-day meal plan will be created based on your personal preferences, lifestyle habits, and goals. Ready within 7 business days of assessment receipt.

Food Journal Review


​A registered dietitian will look over the food choices you make on a daily basis to make sure you're on the right track. Find out where there's room for improvement to help you reach your goals faster. The food journal can be written, photo, or both.

Allow up to 3 business days for turnaround.

Online Grocery Store Tour


​Learn the tricks and tips needed to quickly grocery shop without having to leave your house. We will discuss how to read nutrition labels online, how to visualize container sizes, and answer any other questions you may have about this new technology.

Allow 60-90 minutes for the appointment.

Nutritional Testing


The latest advancements in science, combined with our additional education, allows us to provide our clients with the most personalized advice based on issue specific functional nutrition testing.

Nutriitonal Testing

GI-Map Gut Health Test

$650 gut health fecal test 


$125 results interpretation & recommendations

Gut flora impacts all aspects of our health including digestive, immune, metabolic and neuroendocrine functions. This test (Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus) helps get to the root cause of chronic illness by analyzing the microbes present in your gut. 


A stool sample test kit, with return postage, will be mailed directly to you from the lab. Upon our receipt and review of results, you will receive personalized nutrition advice to help you optimize your gut microbiome and overall health. Suitable for adults and kids.

Recommended For:

•Irritable Bowel Syndrome   •Inflammatory Bowel Disease   •Autoimmune diseases 

•Digestive issues    •Diarrhea    •Constipation   •Diabetes   •Skin Issues (acne, psoriasis)  •Mood disorders (depression, anxiety)  •Brain Fog   •Weight Loss Issues

MRT 170 Food Sensitivity Test

$600 blood test for food sensitivity


$125 results interpretation & recommendations

Food sensitivity is a complex issue, often leading to inflammation and adverse reactions throughout the body. The MRT (Mediator Response Test) gives insight into inflammation provoking food & food-chemicals, accounting for both clinical and subclinical inflammation, as well as helps to identify your BEST foods.


You will be mailed a test kit, along with blood draw requisition, that can be completed at any lab of your choice. Upon our receipt and review of results, you will receive personalized nutrition advice to help you optimize your gut microbiome and overall health.

Conditionals Where Adverse Food Reactions May Play A Role: 

•Irritable Bowel Syndrome   •Inflammatory Bowel Disease  •Celiac Disease  •Dyspepsia 
•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  •Autism Spectrum Disorders   •Fibromyalgia    •Migraines  •Rheumatoid Arthritis   •
Eczema  •Chronic Otitis Media  •Chronic Urticaria   •ADD/ADHD  

and many other autoimmune conditions.  


$495 saliva sample genetics test


$135 results interpretation & recommendations


$49 results book  (optional)

This test will help you to understand how your body responds to different foods, absorbs various nutrients, and how different foods may impact your metabolism. Using the latest scientific research, the Nutrigenomix test and your dietitian can help you eat according to your genes.

Using a small sample of your saliva, this test can give you insight how your body absorbs various nutrients, the type of muscle fibres you have, how responds to caffeine and salt, and so much more. We will then provide you with customized recommendations on how to best nourish your body.

You may also have the option to have your results professionally printed in a full colour book.

Can help improve •Sports performance •Vitamin Deficiency •General Health •Fertility Insight


•in the event of monthly package cancelation, all services delivered prior to cancelation will be recalculated and charged at Individual Services Pricing

•a credit card is required to secure the discounted rate of our packages and allow recurring payments

•a $40 deposit is required to book an initial visit, which will be deducted from your first payment upon visit completion

•no show fees apply

•any exceptions to the above are at the discretion of the dietitian

And start your journey to good health TODAY

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