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Term & Conditions

It's important for everyone to be on the same page. Below are some things I would like you to be aware of for when we work together.

Initial Appointment

•A $40 deposit or visit total due at time of initial consult booking.


•If the patient keeps the appointment, deposit will be applied towards total fee at first visit.


•This fee is forfeited if patient does not show up for their appointment or is more than 15 minutes late without providing prior notice. This sum cannot be applied to future appointments & receipt will be provided accordingly, upon request.

Appointment Time


•Time allotment for initial assessment is up to 1.5hrs & for follow-up is up to 30 minutes. Time spent in excess of this will be charged at $25 per each additional 15min or 1 follow-up session from package, if applicable, at patient’s choice.


•Sessions can be done in-person, over the phone, or through video chat.




•Official RD receipt will be provided upon completion of visit & total payment.


•Patient is responsible for payment directly to the RD for agreed upon appointment plan. Any insurance reimbursement is solely the responsibility of the patient. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, eTransfer, credit/debit card, digital invoice.


•Direct billing is NOT available at this time.


•Pre-approval receipts for insurance purposes available upon request.

Cancelation Policy


•24hrs notice required to cancel or rescheduled appointment without penalty.

•$40 deposit will be forfeited if patient does not show for appointment or provides less than 24hr notice of cancelation


•Follow-up appointments are subject to a $40 no-show fee or when less than 24hr notice is

provided or when patient is more than 15min late without providing prior notice.

•If a patient is more than 15min late for their appointment, dietitian is under no obligation to carry out the visit; appointment at this time will be based on dietitian’s availability & discretion.

Any Exceptions to the Above are Solely

at the Discretion of the Dietitian

And start your journey to good health TODAY

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