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Meet the Dietitian

Anna Gofeld, RD, MAN, CDN


As an RD with Enthrive Inc., Anna has extensive experience and patient success with online nutrition consulting. Through incremental goal setting, she will help you develop healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable for life and allow you to enjoy optimal health for years to come.


After attaining a BASc degree in Nutrition and Food, Anna went on to complete a Masters of Applied Nutrition degree (MAN), Registered Dietitian (RD) certification in Canada, and Certified Dietitian Nutrition (CDN) qualification in the state of New York. 


Communicating through phone, e-mail, or video chat allows you to have access to your RD when you need her most. If you have an internet or telephone connection, you can connect with Anna. 


Anna is a supportive, enthusiastic, and creative dietitian committed to helping you reach health goals. She is extatic to be the coach and cheerleader along your journey.

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How It Works

You will receive a dedicated Google Docs file where you will be able to track your weight and appointments, as well as keep your meal plan.


Weight tracking: Enter your weight into the weight tracking document and the chart will automatically update to show your progress


Appointments: Conducted through video chat or telephone, each $99 will buy you four 15min appointments. You can use them as you wish and buy more as needed. The appointments must be purchase in consecutive succession to continue the promotional rate, but never expire and you can bank an unlimited amount.


Meal plan: You can load your existing meal plan into your Google Drive for easy access. This promotion does NOT include a new meal plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Get Insurance Reimbursement for Nutrition Services?

If you have employee benefits, there is a good chance you can get nutrition services fully or partially reimbursed. Anna will provide you with a receipt for services purchased, which you will be able to submit for reimbursement if you have coverage.

How Are Appointments Conducted?

Appointments are conducted either through a video chat service of your choice (Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime) or over the phone.

What If I Have a Question After My Appointment?

If you have a question between appointments, you can always e-mail Anna to clarify things that have been discussed or that you want to talk about at your next appointment.

Do I Have Access to New Recipes?

Yes, you will receive a link to a Google Drive folder that will contain healthy recipes for you to choose from.

Does This Include a New Meal Plan?

No, the introductory rate is for those who have already had a meal plan created for them through their Enthrive program. Changes to your current plan may be suggested, but a brand new plan will not be provided.

How Can I Get A New Meal Plan?

As a prior Enthrive client, you are eligible for the discounted rate for a brand new meal plan of $80.

What Are the Payment Options?

You can pay through eTransfer or PayPal using the button at the top of this page. A receipt will be provided upon receipt of payment.

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